Lightness in motion: Discover the benefits of lightweight fabrics for your baggy trousers


When it comes to choosing a pair of baggy trousers, it’s essential to opt for an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit that will enhance your figure. Let me explain the importance of this essential fashion feature. You know, comfort is one of the pillars of modern elegance. With an elastic waistband, you get a flexible fit that adapts to your curves with exquisite smoothness. No more pinching buttons or zips that seem to defy the laws of natural breathing! The choice of an elastic waistband allows total freedom of movement while guaranteeing an impeccable fit. No need to sacrifice comfort to stay on top of fashion!

Fitting an elastic waistband also allows you to play with different waist heights, creating an infinite number of looks. You can choose to wear it slightly up to show off your waist and elongate your legs, or wear it lower on the hips for a casual, bohemian look. The elasticity of the fabric offers flexibility to suit your personal preferences and unique body shape. Whether you’re curvy, petite or tall, an elastic waistband is your best bet for creating flattering, unrestricted outfits.

In addition to its unparalleled comfort, the elastic waistband allows you to feel confident and comfortable in your baggy trousers. Far from the restrictive constraints of other closures, the elastic waistband embraces your shape in a harmonious way, emphasizing your assets without compressing them. It’s a real pleasure to slip into a pair of baggy trousers with an elastic waistband, as you immediately feel wrapped in a cocoon of softness and style.

So my dear, whether you choose a sarouel, a palazzo or any other loose-fitting style, I can’t stress enough the importance of an elastic waist. You deserve to express your style with ease and confidence, without compromising on comfort. Opt for this essential feature and you’ll see for yourself the effortless elegance and absolute well-being it provides.

1. Fabrics

Now let me tell you about an essential element to enhance your figure: flowing fabrics. When you’re curvy, choosing flowing fabrics is a smart choice to avoid creating unwanted volume. Let me tell you why.

Flowy fabrics are like magic for our figure. They drape gently over our curves, creating an elegant and feminine look. Unlike stiff fabrics that tend to wrinkle or stretch in an unsightly way, flowing fabrics adapt naturally to our shape, without adding unnecessary bulk. They allow us to feel comfortable in our movements, while offering a graceful and refined look.

Another advantage of flowing fabrics is their ability to flatter our figure by hiding the areas we prefer to conceal. They create a weightless effect that visually lightens our appearance, avoiding emphasis on parts of the body that we want to tone down. These fabrics allow us to play with lines and proportions, emphasising our strengths and subtly hiding our concerns.

When choosing clothes made from flowing fabrics, be sure to select light and airy materials, such as cotton, linen or silk. These textiles offer a natural fluidity and a pleasant feel on the skin. Choose cuts that gently hug your curves, without being too tight, to let the magic of flowing fabrics work.

Whether it’s a dress, skirt or baggy trousers, flowing fabrics will help you create outfits that show off your curvy figure. Feel free to explore different patterns, colours and textures to add a personal touch to your looks. Let your creativity flow and experiment with confidence. You deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in your clothes, and flowing fabrics are here to help you do just that.

2. Silhouette

When opting for the comfort and style of a sarouel, it is important to find the perfect balance in your outfit. A great way to balance out the volume of the sarouel is to wear a top that is close to the body. Let me tell you why this combination works so well.

The sarouel is a loose, airy piece that brings a light feeling to our outfit. To prevent the bottom from dominating our figure, it is essential to choose a close-fitting top that will enhance our bust and create an overall harmony. By choosing a fitted top, you create a visual contrast that balances the proportions.

There are many options when it comes to fitted tops. A tight-fitting t-shirt, a fitted blouse or a crop top are all choices that will work well with your sarouel. Choose tops that show off your cleavage or play with details like puffed sleeves or textured inserts to give your outfit an extra touch of elegance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and patterns. If you opt for a plain sarouel, you can add a dynamic touch with a patterned top or vice versa. This harmonious combination of shapes and textures will allow you to create unique and stylish looks.

Pairing a crop top with your sarouel not only creates visual balance, but also enhances your figure. The crop top will hug your curves, emphasizing your femininity and creating a seductive and modern look.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to experiment with this must-have tip when wearing a sarouel. By choosing a close-fitting top to counterbalance the volume of the bottom, you’ll create a harmonious outfit that shows off your curvy figure. Be bold, trust your style and let your personality shine through your clothing choices.

3. Belt

Now, I want to share with you a well-kept secret for enhancing your figure when wearing a sarouel: the use of a belt. This simple but powerful trick can create an illusion of size and slim your figure in a flash. Let me tell you why a belt is an essential accessory to complete your look.

Aladdin’s, with their loose, casual style, can sometimes feel loose and bulky. That’s where the belt comes in. By placing a belt around your waist, you instantly create a visual demarcation, defining your silhouette and adding a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Choose a medium to wide belt for best results. A thinner waistband can get lost in the bulk of the sarouel, while a thicker waistband can create a feeling of overload. Choose belts made from quality materials such as leather, fabric or even artistic details to add a touch of originality to your look.

When fastening your belt, make sure to position it at your natural waistline, where the thinnest part of your body is. This will create a flattering curve and visually lengthen your legs. Feel free to experiment with different ways of tying your belt: a simple buckle, an elegant knot or a delicate twist. Each of these options will add an extra dimension to your outfit.

The effect of a well-chosen belt is not just aesthetic. It can also help you slim down your figure. By creating a demarcation between your upper and lower body, the belt draws attention to your waist, giving the illusion of a slimmer, more proportionate figure.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a belt to transform your look. When wearing a sarouel, add a belt to create the illusion of a waist and slim down your figure. It’s a simple but effective trick that will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit while enhancing your natural curves.

4. Matching

Let me give you an important tip when it comes to wearing a blouse: avoid excessive layering. While layering may seem like a fun and creative trend, it can also create a sense of extra clutter, which we generally want to avoid. Let me explain why moderation is the key to a balanced and flattering look.

With their loose, airy fit, Aladdin garments already bring a dimension of volume to your outfit. Adding extra layers can often create a thickening effect that is not necessarily flattering for curvy figures. It’s best to opt for more fitted pieces and play with proportions subtly.

When choosing tops to go with your sarouel, opt for more fitted options. A fitted t-shirt or blouse will work well with the loose-fitting bottom. Avoid layering baggy tops or oversized jumpers, which can make you look too bulky.

Also be careful when choosing jackets or waistcoats to layer over your sarouel. Opt for more structured and fitted options to avoid weighing down your figure. A slim-fitting jacket or denim jacket can be a great complement to a sarouel, adding a touch of style without creating too much bulk.

Remember, the goal is to create visual balance in your outfit. Since the sarouel is already a loose-fitting piece, it is important to counterbalance this volume with more fitted pieces to avoid creating a disproportionate silhouette.

Ladies, keep in mind that simplicity and moderation are often the keys to a flattering and elegant look. Avoid excessive layering and choose fitted pieces to accompany your sarouel. This will allow you to show off your curves in a harmonious and balanced way.

5. Jewellery

Let’s move on to the jewellery and accessories that can enhance your outfit by drawing attention to your upper body when wearing a sarouel. The right choices can really make a difference and add a touch of sophistication to your look. Let me show you some options that will enhance your curves.

When you want to draw attention to your upper body, necklaces are a must. Opt for long, elegant necklaces that cascade down to your cleavage. These necklaces visually elongate your figure and create a flattering focal point. You can also try delicate pendant necklaces or multi-row necklaces to add an extra dimension to your look.

Earrings are another way to add sparkle to your face. Opt for dangling earrings or hoop earrings that frame your face nicely. Coloured or pearl earrings can add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your outfit. Avoid earrings that are too small, as they may get lost in your hair or not be visible enough.

Bracelets and rings can also be used to draw attention to your hands and wrists. Opt for thin, delicate bracelets that will add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your look. Rings with precious stones or interesting designs can also be a great choice to highlight your hands.

Let’s not forget hair accessories that can add a finishing touch to your outfit. Headbands, headbands or decorative barrettes can frame your face and draw attention to your hairstyle. Choose accessories that suit your personal style and add a touch of sophistication and charm.

Ladies, jewellery and accessories are wonderful allies in enhancing the upper body when wearing a sarouel. Opt for elegant necklaces, dangling earrings, delicate bracelets and hair accessories to add sparkle and draw attention to your curvy figure. Let your personality shine through your choices and have fun accessorising your look in style.

6. Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right shoes to complement your outfit with a sarouel, let me guide you to options that will enhance your curvy figure. Shoes play a vital role in your overall look, and choosing the right ones can make all the difference. Here are my recommendations for you.

To visually elongate your figure, heels are your best bet. High heels, whether in the form of sandals, pumps or ankle boots, add height and help you look taller. Opt for slim heels or wedges for an elegant and feminine look. The leg-lengthening effect is instantaneous and adds a dose of glamour to your outfit.

However, I understand that high heels are not always the best option for everyone. If you prefer a more casual and comfortable look, flat sandals may be your ideal choice. Opt for sandals with interesting details, such as criss-cross straps or decorative embellishments, to add a stylish touch to your outfit. Flat sandals allow you to move around with ease while maintaining a casual chic look.

It’s important to note that whatever heel height or style of shoe you choose, make sure they are comfortable and fit your foot. Nothing spoils an outfit more than shoes that make you feel pain. Choose quality shoes made from soft, comfortable materials and make sure they offer good support for your feet.

Ladies, shoes play a key role in your overall look with a sarouel. Opt for high heels to visually elongate your figure and add a touch of glamour, or opt for flat sandals for a casual and comfortable look. Whatever your preference, make sure you choose shoes that are comfortable and suit your personal style. Remember, confidence is the best accessory you can wear.

7. Creativity

Let me remind you of the importance of expressing your own creativity through your outfit when wearing a sarouel. Fashion is a wonderful way to show who you are and bring out your unique personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add unique elements to your look. Let me inspire you to embrace your creativity and create outfits that truly represent you.

When you wear a sarouel, you already have a bold and expressive base. This is the perfect time to add personal touches and unique elements that will make your outfit even more special. For example, consider accessorising your sarouel with a colourful braided belt or ethnic details to add a touch of originality to your look.

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories to bring an extra dimension to your outfit. Add a quirky handbag with vibrant patterns or artistic details to complete your look. Also consider adding unique jewellery that reflects your personal style, such as handcrafted, handmade or vintage pieces.

Remember that fashion is a way to express yourself and tell a story. Be bold in your choice of colours and patterns. Dare to mix prints and textures to create a visually stimulating and unique outfit. Don’t let conventional rules limit you, but rather use them as a canvas on which you can express your own style.

Ladies, I encourage you to embrace your creativity and add unique elements to your outfit when wearing a sarouel. Express your personality through quirky accessories, bold patterns and bright colours. Make fashion your way of expressing who you really are and let your creativity shine.


Before I conclude, let me recap the essential tips for wearing a sarouel when you have a curvy figure. These tips will help you create a flattering, stylish and confident look. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to glow in your sarouel.

First of all, choose an aladdin with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. Flowing fabrics are also preferable to avoid creating unwanted bulk. Opt for a close-fitting top to counterbalance the volume of the sarouel and create a balanced silhouette. A belt can be your ally in creating the illusion of a waist and slimming your figure. However, be careful not to build up too many layers, as this can give the impression of extra bulk.

When it comes to shoes, heels can help you elongate your figure, while flat sandals offer a casual and comfortable look. When it comes to accessorising, opt for jewellery and accessories that draw attention to the upper body, such as long necklaces, dangling earrings and delicate bracelets. Finally, don’t forget to express your creativity by adding unique elements to your outfit, be it through patterns, bold colours or original accessories.

Ladies, I hope these tips have been helpful to you on how to properly wear a sarouel with a round silhouette. Remember, the key is to choose pieces that make you look good, feel confident and reflect your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own unique touch to each outfit. Fashion is a way to celebrate who we are and feel beautiful in our own skin.

I would like to pay tribute to Molly Li, a sarouel expert based in the greater Paris East suburbs, whose blog post entitled “How to wear a sarouel when you’re curvy” was an inspiration for this post. Molly Li shared valuable tips and clever ideas to help curvy women feel beautiful and confident in their sarouels. Her expertise and passion for fashion has been an inspiration to me, and I highly encourage anyone looking for more detailed information to check out her blog at

Fashion is a field that allows everyone to express themselves and celebrate their unique beauty, and I am honoured to be able to share tips and ideas that contribute to your confidence and personal style.

With passion for fashion.

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