Wedding Photography – Busting Some Myths


Photographing a wedding is no easy task. Photographer, marketer, and maybe even therapeutic skills are all necessary to capture the proper moments. However, customers often have wildly inaccurate notions of what the service entails. Mostly because of this, many untruths about wedding photography have persisted for so long.

A Relative may take the photos

That’s right, they can do that without a doubt! Despite popular belief, this is not untrue. A decent camera is all that is required, which brings us back to step one. It is against our company policy to shoot private events like weddings, even if they are for close friends or relatives. For the simple reason that we enjoy interacting with new people and catching up with old ones. 

The camera/equipment determines photo quality

We can’t stress this point enough: it’s the photographer, not the camera, who determines the quality of the final product. This is something that we fully support. The camera is useful, but only to a limited extent. What makes a great shot is the photographer’s skill with the equipment, their understanding of light and photography techniques, their unique point of view, and their artistic vision. What can be accomplished by a skilled photographer is amplified by the use of a high-quality camera. Marc Shaw Photography & Films have some of the best skilled photographers for your wedding day.

It is editable in Photoshop 

Once again, this is very likely accurate. However, our focus is on achieving perfection on camera. We had a team of hair and makeup artists tell the bride a few years ago that they don’t need to do anything special for the trial because the photographer can just use a filter. The phrase “filters” is unique to Instagram, and we don’t employ them. On the other hand, you expect incredible things when you look out the window. 

A single photographer is sufficient

An individual photographer with a lot of experience can get the task done. In most cases, however, at least two witnesses are required for legality during ceremonies. When there is a large wedding party and numerous elements to the ceremony and reception, it can be challenging for a single photographer to get shots of everything.

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