Tips for propping and styling your wedding photo booth


Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is always popular among guests. It provides a fun, casual opportunity for your friends and family to capture candid, silly photos to remember your special day. 

Choose an open layout 

Look for a photo booth with an open entrance rather than curtains when renting. An open layout makes the booth more welcoming and allows more guests to see the props and get-ups available inside at a glance. It draws more people in to participate. It also prevents lines from building up outside. Make sure there is enough room inside for at least four adults.  

Use bright, playful backdrops

A plain wall or drab backdrop simply won’t cut it. Liven up your photo booth with bright, colorful backdrops and scene setters. Some good options are floral walls, balloon walls, paper pom poms, or vibrant drapes. You often rent fun backdrops just like you would the photo booth. If creating your own, use bold patterns and primary colors that photograph well. Stay away from busy backgrounds that will distract you from your subjects.

Provide plenty of props

Props encourage your guests to get silly and creative with their photo booth photos. Stick to props that are easy and quick to hold or wear. Some ideas are oversized glasses, hats, boas, masks, signs, and costume pieces. Shop party supply stores or make DIY props using cardboard and craft supplies. Organize smaller items in baskets and hang or prop up larger props nearby so guests easily incorporate them into photos. 

Make some booth-only accessories 

Designate a few special props or accessories that only be worn or used inside the photo booth. These special items will add to the experience and result in truly unique photo booth photos. You get creative, but some examples are photo booth-only hats, masks, signs, necklaces, holiday antlers, or ties. Present these featured items attractively inside the booth or on a small table.  

Include lots of fun pose signs

Pose signs encourage your guests to try humorous or sentimental poses to act out together in the frame. These types of shots always end in laughter and make for lighthearted additions to a guest book. Create your pose signs by printing phrases or words on sheets of paper, foam board, or chalkboard. Phrases like “First Kiss”, “We Go Way Back!”, and “Squad Goals” make for good pose inspirations.

Provide photo booth props for kids

Be sure little ones feel included in The Snap Booth Wedding Photo Booth fun by offering some kid-friendly props. Have a basket of dress-up items like superhero capes, princess crowns, silly glasses and play microphones, especially for your tiny guests. Simple props sized for kids allow them to get in on the silly photo memories too.

Include sentimental signs 

While you want mostly funny and lighthearted sayings, it is nice to include a few sentimental photo booth signs as well. These pose ideas encourage groups of close friends and families to capture touching moments. Some good sentimental sign ideas are “So Glad We’re Family!”, “Forever Friends”, “Cousins”, or “Sisters”. Display these special signs alongside the humorous ones.


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