Graphic Tees – Where to Place the Design

Graphic Tees – Where to Place the Design

Knowing where to place the design is almost as important as choosing one

It’s settled. You are adding graphic shirts to your business’s marketing strategy.

You even picked out the best t shirt printing Singapore company.

The shirts’ color and style are ready to go and you know which design you want to use.

Suddenly, the t shirt design Singapore company wants to know where to place your chosen design.

What should you tell them? Does it really matter where the design goes on a tee shirt?

The answer is yes, design placement matters.

Front and Center

Large designs make a statement on the front of plain tee shirts.

Placing the designs on the front also makes it easy for staff and customers to show off their new graphic tees in public.

The design is often the first thing people notice, resulting in plenty of free advertising for your business.

Front-placed designs also allow individuals to layer up with cardigans and jackets. Leaving the outer garment open or partially closed still ensures the logo is visible.

Something to consider is the shirt’s pocket. If you are going with pocketed tees, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the design.

Under the Collar or On The Side

Smaller designs and logos work great when they are placed slightly underneath the shirt’s collar or above a front pocket.

Placing the design above a pocket or simply on the side can give the tee shirt a classic and polished look.

Think of it as elevating a plain tee into a stylish piece of clothing.

Before deciding to go with one of these ideas, talk to the t shirt printing Singapore service. Chances are they have some great recommendations that can take your shirts to the next level.

For example, a curved or arched logo may look better over a pocket while a smaller design may work best placed below the shirt’s collar.

What About the Back

A t shirt design Singapore service may recommend placing the design on the back.

Don’t worry, you are not hiding your company’s design or logo. The design will still be visible. The only potential downside is when the weather turns chilly.

Adding layers of clothing will temporarily hide the design.

The back of shirts is a great place for larger designs, especially bold and complex ones.

Shirt backs typically have smooth surfaces, meaning no pockets to interfere with the design’s appearance.

How the design looks on the shirt is just as important as picking out the right one. You don’t want the design to be bunched or look weird due to buttons or a pocket.

Take Advantage of Long Sleeves

Are you ordering long-sleeve graphic shirts?

The sleeves are ideal for printing your company motto.

Remember, to keep the motto short and simple. Most people are not going to take the time to read a complex phrase on someone’s shirt sleeves.

With a little thought and planning, you can create the perfect shirts to advertise your business.

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