10 Must-Have Maharashtrian Jewellery Pieces to Complement the Nauvari Saree


The Nauvari saree, a traditional nine-yard-long attire, holds immense significance among Maharashtrian women, who adorn it casually or on special occasions. This timeless garment exudes beauty and elegance on every Marathi woman, and its association with tradition has been passed down through generations. To enhance the charm of the Nauvari saree, traditional Maharashtrian jewellery and accessories play a crucial role. The exquisite designs of gold jewellery from Maharashtra add the perfect finishing touch to the bride’s ensemble.

Here is a compilation of 10 essential Maharashtrian jewellery pieces that, when paired with the Nauvari saree, elevate the appearance of Marathi ladies:

  1. Maharashtrian Nath: This unique traditional nose pin, adorned with pearls and stones, is a captivating piece of gold jewellery worn by Maharashtrian women on special occasions. The nath typically features a paisley shape, but it is available in various styles and designs, with the renowned “Brahmani” in Basra moti emerald being a popular choice.
  2. Thushi: A choker-style gold necklace intricately crafted with beads and pearls, the Thushi is complemented by an adjustable Dori or thread at the back for easy wearing. Pairing the Thushi with the Nauvari saree imparts an authentic Maharashtrian appearance to Marathi women.
  3. Bugadi: This essential Maharashtrian ornament is worn on the helix part of the ears. Traditionally, Bugadis are crafted solely with pearls, making them suitable for matching Nauvari sarees of any colour.
  4. Kolhapuri Saaj: Symbolic of a “gold mangalsutra” for married women, the Kolhapuri Saaj is a stunning long necklace. Its unique design comprises 21 leaves, Jav Mani (golden beads), ruby stones, and emeralds. When worn with a Nauvari saree, this exquisite jewellery enhances a woman’s beauty.
  5. Ambada: An essential component of a Maharashtrian hairstyle, the Ambada is a traditional bun pin with a jasmine gajra. This combination adds the finishing touch when worn with a Nauvari saree.
  6. Tode: Tode refers to a pair of bangles with deep cultural and religious significance for Maharashtrian women. When paired with the ethnic Nauvari saree, matching bangles can be worn in between, completing the ensemble.
  7. Kolhapuri Chappal: The renowned footwear of Maharashtra, Kolhapuri Chappals, are handcrafted leather slippers braided and dyed with vegetable dyes. These comfortable and flat shoes provide a traditional look when worn with the Nauvari saree and ensure ease of movement.
  8. Chandrakor Bindi: The traditional crescent-shaped Chandrakor Bindi comes in various colours and types. Considered an essential part of ornamentation, a Maharashtrian attire remains incomplete without this bindi. Pairing the Chandra bindi with the Nauvari saree completes the Maharashtrian look.
  9. Vaaki: An armlet embellished with ruby stones and pearls, the Vaaki perfectly complements the Nauvari saree, enhancing its allure.
  10. Karnful: A lock-style earring, the Karnful adds a touch of grace and individuality to the overall appearance when worn with a Nauvari saree.

When adorned with the Nauvari saree, these ten essential Maharashtrian jewellery pieces enhance the beauty and traditional essence of Marathi women, making them stand out.

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